What is Apprenticeship?

The Building Trades have embraced apprenticeship for hundreds of years. There are currently over 10,341 women and men participating in a Building Trades apprenticeship in Minnesota.

Apprenticeship training is a formal system of employee training that combines on-the-job training with related technical instruction. It is designed to produce craftworkers who are fully competent in all aspects of an occupation including knowledge, skill and proficiency on the job. With apprenticeship training, there is a written contract between the apprentice and the employer or apprenticeship program sponsor, which is approved by and registered with the State of Minnesota. This agreement specifies the total length of training, number of school hours (related technical instruction) and an outline of the skills of the trade to be learned and the wages the apprentice will receive.

Building Trades Apprenticeship Information

Click on the links below for more information about apprenticeship programs with our affiliates…

Boilermakers #647 —

Bricklayers #1 —

Carpenters (North Central Region) —

Cement Masons #633 —

Elevator Constructors #9 —

Heat & Frost Insulators #34 —

Heat & Frost Insulators #49 —

Heat & Frost Insulators #133 —

IBEW (Electrical Workers) Minneapolis —

IBEW (Electrical Workers) St. Paul —

Ironworkers #512 —

Laborers (Liuna) MN & ND —

Operating Engineers #49 —

Painters District Council #82 —

Pipefitters #455 St. Paul/Mankato —

Pipefitters #539 Minneapolis/St. Cloud —

Plumbers #15 Minneapolis/St. Cloud —

Plumbers #34 St. Paul/Mankato —

Plumbers & Pipefitters #6 Rochester —

Plumbers & Steamfitters #589 No. MN —

Roofers #96 — 

Sheet Metal #10 — 

Sprinklerfitters #417 — 

Teamsters #346 —


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